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config: Disable gms component
* Partially disable gms chimera service
Pulkit077 <>

* Add google OTA to global disabledComponent
Rajan Palaniya <>

* Disable OtaSuggestionSummaryProvider from GMS
Sultan Alsawaf <>

* Disable NearbyMessagingService
* Disable DiscoveryService
Michael W <>

* Disable intrusive gms components
dlwlrma123 <>

Co-authored-by: Pulkit077 <>
Co-authored-by: Rajan Palaniya <>
Co-authored-by: Sultan Alsawaf <>
Co-authored-by: Michael W <>
Co-authored-by: dlwlrma123 <>
2 weeks ago
api Create LineageGlobalSettingListPreference 1 year ago
host/migration sdk: Nuke perf profiles 1 year ago
lib Read sensitive_pn.xml from product partition 2 years ago
lineage config: Disable gms component 2 weeks ago
packages LineageSettingsProvider: Change default values 2 weeks ago
samples lineage-sdk: Mark all pending intents as immutable 2 years ago
sdk sdk: Enable advanced reboot by default 2 weeks ago
tests sdk: s/UserHandle.USER_OWNER/UserHandle.USER_SYSTEM/g 1 year ago
.gitignore cmsdk: Ignore "samples" subdir. 7 years ago
Android.bp sdk: Introduce org.lineageos.platform.resources target 7 months ago sdk: remove aar target 3 weeks ago Remove KeyguardExternal 6 years ago README: Point to the new wiki 5 years ago

LineageOS Platform SDK

The Platform SDK provides a set of APIs that give you easy access to a variety of different features within LineageOS. The SDK exposes APIs and system level framework access in the Android framework that aren't available in any other distribution.


You can either download from prebuilts hosted on github or pull directly via Gradle.

Building against release artifacts

Our stable releases are mirrored in Maven Central, and you can fetch the current release by setting your build.gradle dependencies to

dependencies {
    compile 'org.lineageos:platform.sdk:5.+'

Building against development snapshots

Within build.gradle make sure your repositories list sonatype OSS repos for snapshots

repositories {
    maven {
        url ""

You can target the future or development branch by setting your dependencies for 6.0-SNAPSHOT

dependencies {
    compile 'org.lineageos:platform.sdk:6.0-SNAPSHOT'


For further inquiries regarding this project, please reference the wiki.