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fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace
* ResourceTypes: Don't spam logcat
fusionjack <>

* GpsNetInitiatedHandler: Disable More Debugging
Chet Kener <>

* Ringtone/DeadZone: Turn off some debugs
AndroidRul3z <>

* SystemUI: Disable KeyguardConstants DEBUG
* ViewRootImpl: Log spill when dragging
maxwen <>

* BluetoothUtils: Disable useless logspam
* AlarmManagerService: Reduce log level wtf -> w
?UTF-8?q?Sim=C3=A3o=20Gomes=20Viana?= <>

* DEBUG: Turn off some debugging we don't need
mydongistiny <>

* DefaultPermissionGrantPolicy: Silence harmless errors
* SystemUI: Remove trace counter from ScrimState
Pranav Vashi <>

* LightsService: Mute an annoying error message
spezi77 <>

* ActivityThread: Remove Failed to find provider info logspam
Immanuel Raj <>

* AttentionManagerService: Calm down attention service logspam
Adhitya Mohan <>

* ServiceRegistry: Don't throw an exception if OEM_LOCK is missing
Scott Warner <>

* TelephonyManager: Stop modem spam
* quickaffordance: Remove spammy wallet lockscreen icon error
* TaskPersister: Silence spammy message
Dmitrii <>

* MediaPlayer: Stop logspam
Simao Gomes Viana <>

* Zygote: Disable debug
dkati <>

* KeyguardConstants: Silence some AOSP logspam
George Zacharia <>

* base: Disable debug
Rasenkai <>

* NavigationModeController: Silence log spam
* NotificationMenuRow: Fix logspam
tejasvp25 <>

* ZygoteInit: Disable debug and tracing
* base: Disable DBG
* JobSchedulerService: Disable debug
TheHardGamer <>

OomAdjuster: Remove excessive log
Andrzej Perczak <>

Co-authored-by: fusionjack <>
Co-authored-by: Chet Kener <>
Co-authored-by: AndroidRul3z <>
Co-authored-by: maxwen <>
Co-authored-by: ?UTF-8?q?Sim=C3=A3o=20Gomes=20Viana?= <>
Co-authored-by: mydongistiny <>
Co-authored-by: Pranav Vashi <>
Co-authored-by: spezi77 <>
Co-authored-by: Immanuel Raj <>
Co-authored-by: Adhitya Mohan <>
Co-authored-by: Scott Warner <>
Co-authored-by: Dmitrii <>
Co-authored-by: Simao Gomes Viana <>
Co-authored-by: dkati <>
Co-authored-by: George Zacharia <>
Co-authored-by: Rasenkai <>
Co-authored-by: tejasvp25 <>
Co-authored-by: TheHardGamer <>
Co-authored-by: Andrzej Perczak <>
2 weeks ago
.prebuilt_info Drop prebuilt files to android source tree. 1 year ago
apct-tests/perftests SurfaceFlingerPerfTests: Reduce variability in results 9 months ago
apex fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
api Remove unnecessary work around for updatable-media 1 year ago
boot Update boot image and system server profiles [M5C5P80S0], RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Since these are profiles for T release only. 7 months ago
cmds fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
config Update boot image and system server profiles [M5C5P80S0], RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Since these are profiles for T release only. 7 months ago
core fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
data SystemUI: Grant permissions 2 weeks ago
drm [LSC] Add LOCAL_LICENSE_KINDS to frameworks/base 2 years ago
errorprone Merge "Add instructions on how to annotate an AIDL interface" am: b6df9fb2e8 am: b691d9ce36 am: 9e7a44c173 am: 3ced8e8092 2 years ago
graphics Paint: Enable subpixel text positioning by default 2 weeks ago
identity identity: Fix uncompressed form encoding of P-256 EC Public Key. 11 months ago
keystore Ensure key generation retries after remote key provisioning 1 year ago
libs fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
location fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
media fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
mms Merge "Updated the owners" am: c22f798040 am: d7659e6014 am: 0d9d376b45 1 year ago
native surface_control NDK: Track frameworks/native changes 9 months ago
obex Remove obex library code from frameworks/base. 1 year ago
omapi Freeze AIDL APIs for TM 1 year ago
opengl/java fwb: Vendor/OEM optimizations and fixes 2 weeks ago
packages fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
proto Letterboxing improvements for tabletop mode 6 months ago
rs Merge "Migrate rs/jni to Soong" am: eaebd2cd54 am: a6f5cf56e8 am: 21587435c7 am: 22b41229f1 am: 87bbc3ef20 2 years ago
services fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
startop [Re-land] Remove scripts related to iorap 1 year ago
telecomm fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
telephony fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
test-base Remove libraries 1 year ago
test-legacy Non-module targets. 1 year ago
test-mock Add nvidia profile manager 9 months ago
test-runner Add getAttributionSource function to mocked context 1 year ago
tests fwb: Disable some debug/log/trace 2 weeks ago
tools aapt: Use a std::map instead of a SortedVector 2 weeks ago
wifi Rename getMaxNumScanSsids to getMaxSsidsPerScan in 1 year ago
.gitignore Merge "Delete some ide autogen files" am: 0da8689915 2 years ago
Android.bp fixup! Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation 2 weeks ago Declare license metadata for copied files. 1 year ago
ApiDocs.bp Merge "ApiDocs.bp: fix typo (proofrerad -> proofread)" am: 8513c50145 am: 895fe3cba3 am: f45ee975a7 1 year ago
GAME_MANAGER_OWNERS Add owners for GameManager and GameManagerService 2 years ago
INPUT_OWNERS Define separate OWNERS file for Input 1 year ago
METADATA Fix incorrect licenses in frameworks/base 1 year ago
OWNERS Update owners of framework-jarjar-rules.txt 1 year ago
PACKAGE_MANAGER_OWNERS Consolidating PM owner definition and adding new owners. 2 years ago
PREUPLOAD.cfg Disable ktlint formatting checks in frameworks/base/ 8 months ago
ProtoLibraries.bp Fix proto invalid write type 1 year ago
StubLibraries.bp Merge "Move android.jar defaults back to f/b" 1 year ago
TEST_MAPPING Cleanup after test suite split. 6 months ago
TRACE_OWNERS Update OWNERS for tracing, including the Java APIs. 1 year ago
TestProtoLibraries.bp Merge "Disable errorprone for platformtestprotos" am: e476546592 2 years ago
framework-jarjar-rules.txt Allow unknown codenames in target sdk version for APK-in-apexes 1 year ago
lint-baseline.xml Run AndroidFrameworkLintChecker in frameworks-minus-apex 2 years ago